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ID Cards
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ID Cards


HID Global has pioneered modern polycarbonate card manufacturing techniques and is a certified security printer. We combine card design expertise, proven manufacturing excellence and innovative technologies to offer advanced secure cards that are relied upon all over the world in national ID, resident permit, and driver's licenses programs.

Offering a wide selection of security features, from classic sets such as DOVID, color shifting inks, and advanced security printing to innovative features for polycarbonate documents, we adjust the selection to meet customer requirements.

Key Features

  • Range of materials -- polycarbonate, polyester, PVC or composite
  • Contactless, dual interface, contact chips and chipless configurations
  • HID CPF Crack Prevention Features for polycarbonate cards
  • Classic set of security features such as MLI/CLI lenses, tactile features and holograms
  • Advanced security features in windows
  • Compliance to industry standards
    • ISO/IEC 7816 • ISO/IEC 10373 • ISO/IEC 14443
    • ISO/IEC 24789 • ISO/IEC 18013 • ICAO DOC 9303
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