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SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems
E-Passport & ID Card
SOMA™ Chip Operating Systems


HID SOMA is a family of secure Chip Operating Systems (COS) developed over the past 15 years to serve the specific needs of secure electronic documents.

HID SOMA family covers the needs for highly secure ICAO® e-Passports, national e-IDs, resident permits, digital signature and multi-application cards. SOMA undergoes security evaluation following Common Criteria guidelines and has been a top performer at various international interoperability tests.

HID SOMA integrates with HID Integrale™ issuance and verification systems for e-Passports.

Key Benefits

  • Integration of the most recent cryptographic algorithms such as ECC and RSA
  • Support of the latest ICAO® security mechanisms, such as EAC and SAC-PACE CAM
  • Multi-application cards with ID application, eIDAS digital signature (QSCD) and biometrics verification (Match-on-Card)
  • Available on high-security micro-controllers from multiple vendors
  • High-speed data exchange (VHBR)
  • Full compliance to key industry standards, such as ICAO, ISO®, GlobalPlatform™
  • Available in native implementations and open platform applets


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