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Embedded Module

Overview | Specifications

The HID® TRISM™ Duo HSM (Hardware Security Module) prevents identity theft and fraudulent activity by encrypting sensitive financial information—including the card number, the SVV, and the PIN—as it is transported. The protection provided by this compact appliance combined with HID’s TRISM software provides an essential safeguard for all of your customers’ secure data.

Key Benefits

  • Dependable performance – Parallel processors offer unmatched reliability providing back-up for one another in the event one requires servicing.
  • Advanced features – The easily upgradeable hardware includes EZ HSM manager to simplify reporting and user management, encrypted key storage and internal intrusion detection.
  • Compact footprint – Efficiently designed for such a powerful HSM, it fits into a 9” X 6” X 1.75” sized appliance for easy storage, with rack-mounted versions available.
  • PCI certified – Certified to meet Payment Cards Industry (PCI) security standards and listed as number 4-60118.
  • Broad compatibility – Compatible with a wide variety of cryptographic and key management algorithms.

With HID® TRISM™ Duo HSM, you can secure your cardholders sensitive data with certainty.

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